Mídia VIP enables creators to protect their content via a url shortener and 'locked link'. Creators can ask visitors to take actions such as Like, Follow, Subscribe to 'unlock' their link.

Grow Your Audience

Lock your links with actions for...


Create actions to unlock links: Follow, like, subscribe, watch, comment and more.



Responsive Shortlinks

With almost 90% of your fans visiting from a mobile phone, it's important that your shortlinks are responsive to the device. All Mídia VIP shortlinks are designed to work mobile and desktop.

Automatically Translated

Your shortlink page and action instructions will automatically translate to the visitor's language (English, Portuguese & Spanish supported). One link to share globally! Coming soon!

Totally Free

The Mídia VIP shortlink generator and content protector is totally free! Yes, you heard correctly. We have designed the system so you can protect your content at zero cost.

Fast & Safe

Your website might not be optimized for high traffic or spikes in visitors, but Mídia VIP is! Your shortlinks will be served from CDN with servers all over the world.

Dashboard Analytics

Mídia VIP comes with a simple and intuitive dashboard showing you the number of views, actions and unlocks-clicks your shortlink has received. And, the dashboard is mobile-friendly.

Mobile Admin

We understand you need to be able to create and share links on the go. That's why the Mídia VIP administration area is designed for creating and easy sharing of links via mobile phone.

How does Midia VIP work?

- There are just 3 steps to get started -

Registration only takes a few seconds and you will be able to create unlimited shortlinks. All it requires is your email and a password.


Add the URL (link) to the content you wish to block and the Actions you would like visitors to complete (eg. Subscribe, Follow, Like etc).


Share your shortened link with your viewers and readers. You'll get a lot more visits to your social profiles, so you can grow your online presence.


Yes! We can offer this service for free because we place small, clean advertising on the shortlink pages. This is how we are able to make Midia VIP and content locking free for you!

URL shorteners enable you to 'shorten' links, track clicks and do other funky stuff. There are many url shorteners available for different purposes. Some shorteners have advanced analytics, geo tracking and pixel functionality that allows you to have great control over your content — You normally pay a monthly fee to use these type of shorteners. Some shorteners are designed to 'earn money' and contain lots of adverts, popups and blockers on a 'chain' of pages that the visitor must click through to reach the content — this can be annoying for your visitors, but you get paid a small fee for using these shortners.

Midia VIP takes some of the advanced functionality available in paid shortners and blockers and makes them available for free. Unlike the 'earn money' shorteners that chain up multiple pages of adverts which can annoy visitors, Midia VIP uses only clean ads that are a good match to your visitors.

Yes! If you are using an 'earn money' URL shortener we recommend putting your Mídia VIP link at the start of the chain. This is because Mídia VIP shortlinks do not annoy visitors and they help you to grow your own social networks, whilst ‘earn money’ shorteners can annoy your visitors, see less of a click-through rate and do not help you grow your own network.

Yes...and no! We offer a free service that is supported by basic ads. There is no directy way for you to earn money using this service, however by growing your following you can increase your reach and earning potential. Sometimes we run competitions that allow you to win cash prizes. Paid partnership opportunities may also be available if you have large volumes of traffic.

Yes! Mídia VIP is optimized for mobile devices, . The site is optimized for both for visitors (to your shortlink pages) AND for link creators. You can easily create and share links using your mobile device — Android and iPhone.