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Thetan Arena: A Blockchain MOBA Game with Play-to-Earn Mechanics and NFT Heroes

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Blockchain gaming has faced a challenging journey, gradually expanding beyond its niche and gaining recognition in the industry. Previously, game projects that would have remained obscure and undiscovered are now creating a buzz on platforms that were once unimaginable due to strict regulations and rules.

Thetan Arena is an exciting game that falls into the category

Wolffun Game, a blockchain gaming studio located in Vietnam, is continuously working on the development of this mobile MOBA game. It offers both free-to-play and play-to-earn features, and there is also a PC version available for those who prefer playing on a larger screen. However, the PC version may not be as captivating. What makes this game even more thrilling is that it can be accessed on Android and iOS, platforms that are known for their substantial revenue shares from popular games.