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Galaxy Fight Club: The Ultimate Cross-Platform P2E Crypto Game (with referral)

Galaxy Fight Club (GFC) is an innovative PvP fighting game that brings together players from different NFT collections to compete and unlock exciting rewards. This game is unique as it is the first of its kind to offer cross-IP and cross-platform gaming experience, accessible on both PC and Mobile devices.

The gameplay is similar to Brawl Stars, featuring fast-paced MOBA action that has been optimized for mobile devices. Each game is a thrilling 3v3 battle that lasts around five minutes, and the objective is for a team to score 20 kills before their opponents to emerge victorious.

GFC is an immersive multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game that offers a unique play-to-earn (P2E) experience. Players can participate in thrilling combats across various platforms and brands while earning valuable in-game assets and cryptocurrencies. Additionally, users have the opportunity to showcase their Non-Fungible Token.

GFC Background

The origins of Galaxy Fight Club can be traced back to the end of 2021, when it emerged with the aim of revolutionizing the NFT space by introducing an innovative approach to gameplay. Spearheaded by the Galaxy Fight Club Team, who possess extensive backgrounds in the traditional gaming industry, this project aims to offer a unique gaming experience.

The team at Galaxy Fight Club has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in both the NFT and mobile gaming sectors. They are skilled at identifying opportunities and staying updated on advancements in publishing, monetization, and the competitive gaming environment.

The group consists of Dan Le, the Chief Game Officer, Ado, who handles Marketing and Partnership, Dave, the Lead Blockchain Developer, Don, the Lead Artist, and Yassin, the Chief Marketing Officer. Additionally, there are several other team members involved in the project.

Galaxy Fight Club Gameplay

The main objective of Fight Club is to establish a virtual environment within the metaverse that allows individuals to engage in battles using their NFT avatars.

It can be likened to Nintendo’s well-known game, Smash Bros, but with a twist – BAYC Apes and Cryptopunks will be competing against each other to obtain in-game assets and crypto rewards.

At Galaxy Fight Club, the goal is to create a gaming environment that allows for the seamless exchange of digital goods and assets, giving users full ownership of their intellectual property rather than the developers. The team aims to establish a cross-IP game platform within the NFT Universe, facilitating meaningful interactions between different collections of intellectual properties.

What is the process of participating in Galaxy Fight Club?

In order to be successful in GFC, players need to engage in battles and emerge as victors to acquire keys.

These keys are essential for unlocking loot boxes and treasure chests that contain valuable equipment like weapons. The type of key acquired is determined by the rarity or “rank” of the avatar controlled by each player. Avatars can include characters that are available for free, Genesis or 2nd gen fighters, non-GFC characters, and others.

In addition to the intense 3-vs-3 battles that typically last around five minutes, players can choose from other game modes like Classic Death Match and Battle Royale in this P2E game. The objective is to have the highest number of kills to emerge as the victor.

Galaxy Fight Club: Play to Earn (P2E)

In Galaxy Fight Club, players can participate in a play-to-earn (P2E) game where they have the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency through the use of tokens. The game utilizes the $GCOIN token system, which can be obtained by purchasing or trading it with other cryptocurrencies such as $ETH on platforms like Uniswap. By owning Galaxy Fighters, players can passively earn a daily amount of 5 to 15 $GCOIN, in addition to their earnings from buying and selling NFTs and gear within the game.

Additionally, players have the option to concentrate on nurturing or enhancing second-generation fighters by “burning” or removing weapons from circulation and investing in their training by paying a cost in $GCOIN.

Users who own a Genesis Galaxy Fighter NFT will receive a special bonus. By utilizing these NFTs, users will automatically earn 5-15 $GCOIN on a daily basis. This adds another layer of benefits for players in the Play-to-Earn space.

Players who are part of the second generation in the game can unlock exclusive benefits such as golden keys, participation in competitions, and access to a private Discord channel. These golden keys hold value and can be traded on the secondary market among, bringing more earning opportunities.

GFC aims to incentivize players to purchase genesis fighters in their game, train them, and subsequently sell these fighters, referred to as “second-generation fighters,” for a significant profit.

Galaxy Fight Club is an exceptional game that incorporates NFTs from various sources and combines them in an exciting battle-royale PvP MOBA experience. What sets this game apart from others in the play-to-earn (P2E) genre is its ability to utilize both in-game avatars and other NFTs from your crypto wallet.

The cost of joining Galaxy Fight Club

Galaxy Fight Club is a game that is available to play for free.

However, if players have already purchased an NFT, they will have the advantage of accessing higher-tier characters, fights, and keys. Players who choose not to buy any NFTs or play for free will only have access to a basic character for battles, and they can earn Silver Keys by winning matches.

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