Battle Bay Review – Interesting Shooter Game

Battle Bay Review – Interesting Shooter Game

The online game is currently one of the games that are loved by many people of the world. The development of increasingly sophisticated technology and always making progress to increase online games today, such as the presence of 1SPoker. At the moment many game producers are releasing various games they have created.

Along with the times, online game graphics are increasing and more beautiful to the eye. Competition between game manufacturers is very tight, so they have to rack their brains in making games to be accepted and loved by many people of the world. One technology that is based on IT capabilities does have a huge advantage.

The ability in the current programming field is indeed much sought after especially for those of you who work in game making companies. One of the game producers, Rovio Entertainment, has succeeded in getting many people interested and using their well-known game, angry birds. You definitely know this angry bird game.

A fairly well-known game in Indonesia that even made a film show. The popularity of this one game is now declining. But did you know that it turns out that this game manufacturer has made a game product again with the name Battle Bay.

This Battle Bay game indeed adopted the previous game, angry bird. This is because the previous game has been in the hearts of the wider community. So for this new game to make similarities with the game angry birds against the characters in this game.

Cia in the game angry birds has figures that are considered funny. For this new game, the characters are almost the same but only displayed with strong character differences. So the graphics that are displayed are also very supportive of the characters.

Unlike the previous game, this game is known that including multiplayer games. So, this game can be played by many people. Because the characters are strong and from the name alone maybe you already know that this game is one of the battle games on the ship.

So, when you play the game with your friends trying to sink the ship with each other. The ship that you and your friends use varies depending on your playing skill level.

The more agile and the more often you play this game the ship you use will definitely get stronger and can certainly destroy many other ships. For example, there are destroyers or tank ships. So if you already have a destroyer you can easily damage any ship but when you have a tank then your ship will be hard to destroy. Because there are classes in playing it, you really need to have a strategy when playing the game.

For that when playing this Battle Bay game you must have a strategy or tips to play it.

Waves – You can use the waves as a hiding place to fight your enemies. With these waves is very useful for the enemy attack
Take advantage of dead enemies. When enemies and their ships die you can use their bodies as hiding places when firing weapons at your enemy.
Take advantage of auto-aim when you are near the enemy. This is very useful for you to attack enemies.
Take advantage of daily bonuses. when playing you will get a daily bonus even if you lose or win the match your daily bonus will have no effect on anything.
Item – Regarding items, you should always increase the items you have because increasing items can add strength. And optimize your game and make sure that you get damage.

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