The best free games for iPhone

Need to go to the doctor, renew your identity card or take public transport? Rather than twiddling your thumbs in the subway or reading old magazines in a crowded waiting room, consider using your iPhone to pass the time! We’ve selected the best free games on iOS to keep you busy when the wait is too long.

Most of these games have adopted the Freemium system and are also available on Android. They offer a built-in shopping system that allows you to move faster through the game. But all of them are playable and allow you to relax without paying a dollar.

Call of Duty Mobile

Fans of FPS on consoles and PCs will discover in Call of Duty Mobile, everything they need to get the same sensations on mobile phones as on consoles and PCs.

The game is mainly built around a multiplayer mode, but also allows you to play in a 100-player Battle Royale mode, take part in team death matches, scare each other by going after zombies or even go head-to-head with snipers.

Using key elements of Black Ops and Modern Warfare (weapons, characters and maps), Call of Duty Mobile promises to bring a 3D game worthy of home consoles to the iPhone. As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock new weapons and characters, use new equipment and get new outfits. Form your squad and join millions of players around the world for an epic gaming experience.

PUBG Mobile

A direct competitor of Fortnite, PUBG Mobile, also known as PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, is a completely free Battle Royale type FPS. 

As you parachute onto an island, you’ll have to take part in a classic battle with up to 100 participants. The game also features a 4 vs 4 death match mode and an intense Zombie mode.

PUBG Mobile gives you a choice: you can either go it alone to try to be the last survivor, or team up with others to fight your mutual enemies. Either way, you’ll have to take up arms and use your tactics to eliminate warring enemies.

The game offers new challenges daily and monthly updates with new content every time.

PES 2020

PES 2020 is a true reference in football simulation and offers all the sensations of the famous franchise’s console football on your iPhone.

Realistic and immersive, the game takes up the gameplay on the console to offer one of the most faithful football experiences on mobile phones.

With improved controls and handling, you’ll be able to experiment with different ways to control the players. To ensure a near-real experience, PES 2020 is based on its new “Inspiration” system, which allows one player to influence the behaviour of others on the pitch.

Select the best players and adapt your training to hopefully end up at the top of the table. In this 2020 vintage, PES welcomes new licensed clubs. Thus, FC Bayern Munich, Juventus and Manchester United join FC Barcelona.

Mario Kart Tour

Playing Mario Kart on a smartphone has long been a dream come true. Nintendo has made their wish come true as Mario Kart Tour lets you slip into one of the characters from the Mario universe and take the wheel of a racing car for a wild ride.

Before you can play, however, you’ll need to log in using a Nintendo Account, and create one if you don’t have one. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to hit the ground running on tracks inspired by the world’s major cities, which change at regular intervals. The game’s handling, which made you grit your teeth in the beginning, seems to have improved after an update.

The character, seated in his kart, accelerates alone, and you will only need one finger to point your machine to the right or left. Likewise, when it comes to unloading an object, a tap on the screen will be enough to drop the obstacle into the wheels of your opponents who will end up in the background, enough to ensure a comfortable place on the podium.


Bringing the Battle Royale style back to life, Fortnite invites you to take on a hundred opponents in a breathtaking survival game where only the last survivor can be declared the winner. Whether you choose to play solo or in alliances, keep in mind that you will only be victorious if you manage to eliminate all the other players.

Choose a strategic location on the island you are dropped on and start your exploration to try and find new equipment and resources that are essential to the success of your business. Explore abandoned buildings in search of chests containing weapons and useful items, being careful not to betray your presence.

Regularly updated by Epic Games, Fortnite offers its community the opportunity to participate in a number of events with new and temporary rewards.

Brawl Stars

Supercell changes register and unveils with Brawl Stars an ultra-simplified MOBA. Solo or in teams of three, players compete in arena fights of up to three minutes. Multiple modes add to the experience and allow everyone to enjoy the title according to their playing preferences.

Where Clash of Clans and Clash Royale offer to join a clan, Brawl Stars offers to create or join a band. They develop strategies for playing with teammates. It’s a chance to check out the old adage that there’s strength in numbers.

The Sims Mobile

The life simulation game The Sims Mobile allows you to create your own character, in your own image or not, to assign specific character traits and to take control of his life as if it were your own. Thanks to the freedom of imagination and creation you enjoy, each story you start is unique, giving the game infinite replayability.

Once your character has been customized, build your house and make a new start. You discover your neighbourhood, get to know your surroundings, find work and lead as perfect a life as possible.

FIFA Mobile

Football fans will enjoy all the excitement of the FIFA franchise in FIFA Mobile, a version of the popular football simulation game perfectly suited to their iPhone screen.

After selecting your favourite players to create a dream team, you play your first game. Shape your club, develop your players and manage your squad like a true professional.

All the decisions you make have an influence on the results of the matches. Tactical adjustments should therefore be made with discernment. Choose your players and develop a flawless strategy to develop a cohesive and responsive team.

Asphalt 9

With Asphalt 9, Gameloft is dusting off one of its flagship franchises. For the occasion, the publisher is releasing the great game, with graphics, fluidity and gameplay to back it up. The races gain in realism with an impressive level of detail. The teams are enriched with the latest models from such prestigious manufacturers as Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche.

Asphalt 9 draws its strength from its very complete structure. New cars that can be customised in every respect are purchased here. Materials and improvements are unlocked through victories on circuits. The more races players win, the more money they earn and can expand their car collection.

The cooperative multiplayer dimension is important in Asphalt 9. Everyone is free to create or join an online driver community, compete against other clubs and make their mark on the world rankings.

Pokémon GO

Pokémon invade iPhone screens with Pokémon GO. Developed by Niantic, the game uses GPS and augmented reality technology to deliver the most immersive experience possible. The goal is to make players feel like they’ve officially donned the trainer’s hat.

From your location, Pokémon GO locates you in real time on a map similar to Ingress. Wild Pokémon randomly appear on the map as you walk around. Tap them to see them appear in motion on the screen. With your stock of empty Pokéballs, you capture as many as you can and complete your Pokédex.

Pokémon GO has a strong multiplayer dimension. Trainers join teams, trade Pokémon, compete to occupy arenas, team up to fight legendary Pokémon and participate in remote duels with friends.

Clash Royale

If you liked Clash of Clans, you’ll love Clash Royale. Openly inspired by the hit game from the Supercell studio, the title lets you find your favourite characters in a tactical card game. You build and organize your deck according to your strengths, which you improve as you fight your way through the battles. On the field, you’ll face opponents as strategic as you are, determined to kick your butt.

Each win allows you to win a chest that, once opened, randomly reveals new cards and upgrades. Increase your striking power to gain levels and caress the crazy hope of joining a super clan.

Streets of Rage Classic

With its SEGA Forever operation, SEGA wanted to bring back to life some of its iconic titles released on the console in the early 1990s. Among the lucky ones: Streets of Rage Classic, a mythical beat’em all in which you roam the streets of a city plagued by delinquency and kick the asses of the henchmen of a crime lord.

This mobile adaptation of Streets of Rage has all the ingredients of the original game. You play as one of the three cops Adam, Axel or Blaze, and use the weapons that fall into your hand to hope to clean up the streets of a city on the brink of chaos.

The special attack of the ESWAT and its famous rocket launcher is a nostalgic reminder of the past. The game also inherits completely new features such as local multiplayer support and the ability to save a game in progress in the cloud.

Sonic Forces

Sonic Forces isn’t just another port of a Sonic game that was once released on the console, but a new title. In this fast-paced runner, you’ll face three opponents on the race track and covet the first step of the podium.

You need to be connected to the Internet to play Sonic Forces. The title allows you to compete in real time against other players from around the world. You can play as one of the franchise’s signature characters including Sonic himself, Knuckles or Amy.

With your fingertips, you control your runner to dodge obstacles. Jump, slide, change lanes to pass your opponents and hinder their progress. Don’t forget to collect the various acceleration bonuses and other weapons that give you a boost in your mad rush.

Microsoft Solitaire Collection

Did you like to spend time playing solitaire on your PC? Microsoft has decided to adapt the famous card game that has set the pace for a whole generation of computer sessions to mobile phones. Quite successful, Microsoft Solitaire Collection offers you the five classic solitaire games that you have known on the old versions of Windows

You’ll find the pleasure of wild games of Klondike (Original Solitaire), Spider, FreeCell, TriPeaks and Pyramid on your iPhone. Microsoft Solitaire Collection also offers you the opportunity to participate in daily challenges where you can earn badges by winning.

By connecting to Xbox Live, you can keep a history of your successes, compete against your friends, and save your progress in the cloud.

Rayman Adventures

Fans of the first hour will be happy to find their favourite hero in Rayman Adventures. During a crazy race, you visit amazing landscapes and try to save the Incrediballs. Your journey takes you from haunted castles to mythical Olympian worlds where these amazing creatures are held captive. Free them and let them accompany you for the rest of your journey. Also remember to retrieve the stolen ancient eggs to hopefully save the Sacred Tree

New games come out for the Apple iPhone daily. Keep an eye on the charts to see what’s new. Meanwhile, the above list is a great place to start.

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