Xbox One: How to play online

Play your latest football game online on Xbox One, get into an epic game of a latest RPG or a hardcore shooting session in Call of Duty for Xbox One. There are many options for those who want to play online on the Microsoft console. We’ll tell you how to do it and what the benefits are!

With the release of the new Xbox One X or with your classic Xbox One model, you might want to play online on Xbox One? Play against or join your friends in some wild games? Compete against the best gamers on the planet! It’s easy, just follow our guide!

How do I play online on Xbox One?

To get started, you’ll need to meet a few specific requirements in order to play online on your Xbox One :

  • Own an Xbox One
  • Have an Internet connection
  • Create an Xbox Live gamertag
  • Be over 18 years of age or have parental consent
  • Possessing a means of payment or a prepaid card

To play online with your Xbox One, the first step is of course to connect it to the Internet. You can do this through a wired connection (ethernet cable) or the Wi-Fi network.

What are the advantages of playing online on Xbox One?

To play online on Xbox One, Microsoft uses the system called Xbox Live Gold which has the advantage of being also compatible with the Xbox 360 console. Its use has many advantages for gamers who want a more intense entertainment experience. Thanks to Xbox Live Gold you will be able to :

  • Meet other gamers online and play with your friends or strangers.
  • Download and try demos
  • Enjoy two Xbox One and two Xbox 360 games with free backwards compatibility every month
  • Enjoy 50-75% discount on new games and expansions
  • Use voice chat to coordinate your co-oop or head-to-head games

How much does it cost to play Xbox One online?

There are several prices available for playing online with Xbox One depending on the length of your commitment. You can pay for the subscription on the Internet through Microsoft’s website, from your Xbox One or by buying a prepaid card at a video game store.

  • 1 month: 6.99 usd
  • 3 months: 12.99 usd
  • 12 months: 59.99 usd

Can I play free online Xbox One?

Despite numerous web pages guaranteeing you can play online for free on Xbox One, there is no miracle solution. You can always fill out questionnaires to get codes, but these will not work or will only work for a short time.

In addition, some games offer trial periods for Xbox Live Gold for 2, 3 or 14 days. This one starts as soon as you activate the prepaid card! Also, you cannot accumulate these trial periods. You have to wait until one ends before you can start another one.

On the other hand, Microsoft offers a non-paying mode but which is of course much more limited. However, the classic Xbox Live allows you to watch TV, launch applications such as Netflix or Skype… For avid gamers, the only option available free online on Xbox One is to test the demos of the games that will then be made public. Very limited then.

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