Top 8 Fiverr Alternatives to Make Money Online

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Everyone is looking for new streams to make money online, if you are familiar with Fiverr and looking for alternative sites to compare, here are the top 8 Fiverr alternatives to maximize your online earnings.

So, are you looking for Fiverr alternatives where you can sell your digital services? Do you want to increase your exposure by publishing your gigs multiple sites like Fiverr? Or maybe you are looking to start fresh and looking for a less competitive platform where your gigs can stand out?

Well, We got you covered!

But before we go through all the Fiverr similar sites, I want to highlight that there are many Fiverr alternative sites! They come online very fast then often disappear as fast as they arrive.

In order to save your time and efforts looking for Fiverr alternatives and building your profile on all different sites, we are listing only the most famous and reliable alternatives. This will save your time rather than joining a site only to find out a few months later that they are out of business.

What is Fiverr?

For those who don’t know, Fiverr is a service marketplace or freelance site for gigs that are initially sold for 5$. And you can make money online on Fiverr and its alternatives by selling your digital services which can really be anything.

Logo design, Image design, Video Animation, Voice over, Blog banner ads, Writing articles, etc..

Literally, you can sell any digital service that you can think of and can provide. However Fiverr is not a classic Freelancing site, it’s called a Micro job or a niche Freelancing site.

The main difference is that for Freelancing sites you get to choose how much you want to charge your clients while on a Micro job or a niche Freelancing site like Fiverr, the site itself decides how much the gig or service should cost clients or provide you with a range of price option to choose from.

I have seen a lot of blog posts that treat Fiverr as a general Freelancing site and list many of the famous Freelancing sites as an alternative to Fiverr. But if you think of it they are not the main competitors to Fiverr. It is like comparing a full-fledged restaurant selling all kind of foods with a burger restaurant.

What is the difference between Fiverr & Freelancing sites?

  • Price:

On Fiverr and its alternatives, the prices for the gigs or tasks is fixed and is determined by the site as 5$ for the case of Fiverr. You can add upgrades to your gig for additional money. Other Alternatives let you choose the price with a limit while others give you 3 or 4 pricing options to choose from. On Freelancing sites, you get to choose how much you want to charge your clients per hour or per project.

  • Tasks:

On Fiverr and its alternatives, you set a specific and basic task that you will be doing for your clients. People will then choose your gig if they need your service. You can add additional tasks to the main task or gig.

On Freelancing sites, your job is much wider and most of the time you list your skills and capability instead of limiting the job to one specific task. People will choose you based on your skills and profile ratings.

Example: Let us say that you are a programmer, you can use Fiverr to create a gig such as “Checking a C++ 10 line of code and tell you where is the error” for 5$.

You can add an upgrade to your gig such as “Fixing the error” for additional 10$.

While on Freelancing you can offer to write or review a full C++ program for your client depending on their needs, you can then charge based on the project and work of hours required which could end up for 1,000$ for a single project.

Can you really make $$$$ on Marketplace website like Fivver?

While 5$ sounds like peanuts, it is not the only gig option you can offer. Your initial gig should start for 5$ for a very basic offering and then you can add many added value upgrades for much more money.

Other Fiverr alternatives allow you to create your gig for 10, 20 or even 50$. For example, you can create a gig for creating a standard resolution Logo design for 5$ which takes 2 days to deliver, you then offer two upgrades such as high-resolution Logo for 20$, deliver in 1 day for 20$.

Look at the top profiles in your niche at Fiverr and its alternatives and you will get a clear picture on how much you could be making selling similar gigs.

How to become pro at service Marketplace sites like Fiverr?

  • Select the marketplace site or sites that suits you and your niche.
  • Search the marketplace for a similar offering in your area of expertise.
  • Offer a better gig at the same price 5$, you don’t have to give away too much. Just a little bit which makes your gig more appealing.
  • Add additional offering or upgrades to your gig as per the example mentioned above.
  • Be as much responsive as you can, the better your rating the more trust people will have in you and the more orders you will get.
  • Promote your gigs on all your social media websites
  • If you have your own website, you can add your gig to your own website.

Don’t worry it is not a must to have your own website but it can certainly give you more exposure. Once your gigs become more popular and generate a good income for you, it makes sense to start your own website and add your gigs for more exposure.

This way you will be able to promote your services directly on your website and maybe offer some additional services on your own website without the need for Marketplace website. In this case, you will keep all the money you made from services sold exclusively at your site.

Read our article on How you can start your own website?

If you have decided to use WordPress to build your site then check this article 40 Types of Websites You Can Create With WordPress to find which WordPress Theme you should use to create a Micro Job site?

Fiverr Alternatives Infographic

Fiverr Alternatives Compared Infographic

Fiverr Alternatives

To maximize your earning capabilities here is a list of different websites that are like Fiverr, a gig or service marketplace, you can start your account on all different websites and offer the same gig to reach a wider range of customers.

1. Envato Studio

Envato Studio

Envato Studio is one the of the best and most popular Fiverr alternatives covering wide areas of services such as Audio, Video & Animation, Article Writing, Logo Design, WordPress, etc..

Envato Studio is a hand Picked community of Freelancers meaning that the site doesn’t allow automatic registration. You need to submit an application of interest with details of your experience and after being reviewed and approved you can then start creating your jobs and offerings.

You can apply for participating in Envato Studio marketplace here.

2. Seoclerks



SEOClerks is another popular Fiverr alternative. And as the name implies that site specializes in all services related to SEO. You can offer your services for the amount of money you want which can start from just 1$.

You can add many additional services to the same initial service for additional money.

3. Fivesquid


Fivesquid is a UK based service marketplace, you can offer your gigs for an initial price of £5, £10, £20 or £50.

You can then add many upgrades to the initial for an additional amount of money.

4. Konker


Konker is a service marketplace for offering services in marketing, graphics & design, programming & tech, audio, and videos.

There is no price limitation or price set by Konker, you choose how much you want to charge for your gig.

5. Zeerk 


Zeerk is a service marketplace where you can offer your services for any amount between $3 to $200 in many areas starting with Online marketing & SEO all the way to programming and business.

6. Gigbucks


GigBucks is a classic Fiverr alternative and uses a script and design which is very similar to Fiverr script & design. It is one of the very few lasting Fiverr clones.

On Gigbucks you can sell your online services for any amount between 5$ to 50$ for your gig. You can not create gig upgrades though.

7. Damongo


Damongo is a service Marketplace to sell your online services for a price range from 5, 10, 20 and 50$.

The site covers a wide range of gig areas.

8. Listingdock


Listingdock is another marketplace owned by Ionicware which is the same owner of SEOClerks.

The site offers the exact same features of SEOClerks except the topics are much wider and not just focused around SEO like SEOClerks. The site is new and picking up traffic, the site has great potential to grow to become as successful as its sister site.

Final Thoughts

As I have mentioned, there are many Fiverr alternative sites but not all provide a real value and stay on business for a long time. We have mentioned only the best and most reliable Fiverr alternatives in order to make sure not to waste your time.

Have you had any success selling your online services on Fiverr or any of its alternatives?

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