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Undead Blocks: A Blockchain-Powered Play-to-Earn Zombie Game

Despite the popularity of Call of Duty Zombies, it seems that not many developers have attempted to replicate its addictive gameplay formula. Enter Undead Blocks by Wagyu Games.

What sets this game apart is that it is built on the blockchain, providing unique features to players that other games lack.

In Undead Blocks, players face numerous challenges as they try to escape from relentless zombies. The main objective is to create distance between yourself and the pursuing undead by running away, turning around, and shooting at the large group of zombies following you.

However, it is important to note that any attempts to interact with other elements on the map, such as entering houses or accessing ammo crates, will likely result in your demise. Even a brief pause that allows the mob to catch up to you can lead to your instant death if you are overwhelmed.

Undead Blocks is a unique game

Wagyu Games, in collaboration with Kevuru Games, is working on the development of Undead Blocks, an innovative first-person shooter (FPS) game that involves battling waves of zombies. Wagyu Games is a game development studio that focuses on incorporating blockchain technology, while Kevuru Games brings its expertise in designing and developing engaging gameplay. Kevuru Games has an impressive track record of working on various acclaimed titles.

Although they have contributed to popular games such as Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge and Fortnite, the developers of Undead Blocks are primarily known for their assistance in design and art. However, the game itself gives off the impression of being created by less experienced teams, despite their credentials.

When it comes to its appearance, Undead Blocks offers a combination of different elements. The main menu screen has a sense of familiarity and impresses with its excellent quality, reminiscent of the late-night gaming sessions spent on Call of Duty Black Ops. However, the quality of the character models and environments in the game takes a slight detour.

Undead Blocks should not be criticized too harshly for its presentation quality, considering it is a blockchain game. Most of these games have simpler designs that are visually enhanced to hide the true level of quality. However, it is important to mention that the visual aspects of the game could be improved. The character models lack depth and vitality, and the single map I encountered did not leave a strong impression. In fact, both elements resemble graphics from an early PS3 game. Nevertheless, there is still a moderately captivating game to enjoy.

However, the game stands out by offering a fun and familiar gaming experience, making an effort to engage players.

Undead Blocks offers various gameplay modes for players to enjoy, but currently, they all provide a similar experience. Upon entering the game’s sole map, players are equipped with a gun and a knife, and their objective is to survive against waves of zombies. The gameplay mechanics, such as navigating through crowds of zombies, aiming, and shooting, are well-executed and comparable to those found in most first-person shooter (FPS) games. It is worth noting that the default toggle for the “aim down sights” feature may be slightly inconvenient and confusing, but it can be easily adjusted.

During the intervals between waves, there is a brief moment to catch your breath. However, the scenario remains identical in each wave. If you happen to be exploring a house when the zombies appear, your chances of survival are slim. Unlike in COD Zombies, there is no option to construct barricades or defenses to protect an area. Consequently, you will find yourself trapped inside the house with a continuous influx of zombies attempting to harm you, leaving you with no escape route.

Undead Blocks offers an enjoyable gaming experience as a brief form of entertainment. However, it may not necessarily captivate players and encourage them to keep coming back for extended periods of time. This leads us to the remarkable blockchain features of Undead Blocks, which incorporate elements of P2E

Revitalized through the power of blockchain technology

Undead Blocks leverages the blockchain platform of Immutable X, which provides several advantages. By utilizing Immutable’s ZK-Rollup technology, Undead Blocks is able to seamlessly utilize the Ethereum network for its NFT features without incurring any gas fees.

The significance of this feature will increase as the game gains popularity. The “Arms Dealer” rental system enables players to earn passive income by renting out their advanced weapons to other players. This innovative mechanism enhances the play-to-earn experience and leverages the potential of NFTs in the gaming industry.

Undead Blocks utilizes three different tokens as its currency: $UNDEAD, $ZBUX, and Gold ZBUX.

Among these, Gold ZBUX serves as the stable in-game currency and can currently be acquired solely through ZBOXs. However, once the game is launched, it will also be rewarded through tournaments. With Gold ZBUX, players can purchase weapons and weapon skins. Additionally, it can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies on the Wagyu Games website.

On the other hand, Standard ZBUX is earned through regular gameplay and is primarily used to upgrade weapons, enhancing their effectiveness and value.

Lastly, $UNDEAD is the governance token that can be freely bought, sold, and traded on various exchanges.

these tokenised features are on the roadmap and will take Undead Blocks to new levels.

Overall, Undead Blocks is an impressive zombie first-person shooter (FPS) game at its current stage. The play-to-earn elements in the game are intriguing, but their value will ultimately depend on whether the final version of the game is worth returning to. Only time will tell as features are released if the gaming community will fully embrace it.

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