Why do links get disabled?

Any link may be removed if any of the URLs linked to break our terms and conditions. This includes the ‘blocked link’ and any ‘action links’.

The 3 most common reasons are;

  • Linking to empty content (eg. to a Youtube video that is not available or account that does not exist)
  • Linking to content that gives server errors (eg. 500, 404 / server not found errors)
  • Linking to bad or offensive content (eg. porn, offensive or illegal content)

Links are also disabled if they are inactive (have been no visitors for 90 days). This is to ensure Midiavip remains fast for live links.

Wrongly disabled links

Occasionally, a link may be wrongly disabled. This is usually due to a server error at the time the link is checked, ie. the server returned an error such as 404 or 500 ‘not found’. You can request it be re-activated via this form to request we re-enable it if your link has been wrongly disabled.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure you check all your links to ensure they are compliant with out terms and conditions before requesting us to enable them.


If my link is wrongly disabled, how do I re-activate it?
You need to submit a re-activation request using this form (only link owners can request review)

If my link is disabled due to non-compliant content, can I edit it to make it compliant?
No; would involve too much administration work. You need to delete your link and create a new one.

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