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P2E Crypto Game ‘Pocket Battles NFT War’: Simplifying Strategy for Mobile Play

Pocket Battles NFT War is a game that has been designed specifically for mobile platforms, making strategic elements like resource collection, building construction, and unit control more accessible. In Pocket Battles, players are relieved from the task of gathering resources, choosing building options, and managing units.

Instead, the main focus is on forming your squad and strategically positioning them in the game.

The game is brought to you by ME2ZEN and ME2ON.

Casual mobile games & P2E

In addition to genre, the majority of mobile games aim to provide a casual gaming experience, suitable for players of all ability and background. From mom and pop to little Kid K. These games include RPGs, MMORPGs, FPS, auto-battlers, and vampire-survivor themed games.

Compared to PC and console games, mobile games are designed to be lighter and more casual in various ways. For example, they may offer aim support in FPS games or simplify resources, ensuring that the essence of the genre is retained while adapting the game for the mobile platform.

Pocket Battles War is receiving favorable reactions due to its casual play to earn (P2E) feature, which allows players to easily and swiftly enjoy the game.

Pocket Battles: A Mobile Strategy Game

In most mobile strategy games, the emphasis is often on battles rather than on larger-scale tactics. These games typically involve creating decks of units and summoning them strategically during battles.

Pocket Battles follows a similar approach by eliminating the aspects of resource collection, building, and unit control, and instead, solely focusing on engaging battles. During the battles, players are limited in their ability to actively participate, as they can only utilize the abilities of their heroes or summon additional reinforcements. However, it is important to note that these actions alone may not be sufficient to completely alter the outcome of the battles.

To succeed in battles, players must strategically form squads and arrange their units in a strong formation.

The outcome of battles is determined by the types of units in the squads and how they are positioned. Players need to have a thorough understanding of their units in order to create the most effective squad and formation.

The composition and formation of squads play a vital role in determining victory or defeat. There is a wide variety of units and heroes available, each belonging to different grades such as normal, rare, elite, and legend. Units and heroes have different roles, including melee warriors, ranged units with low health but high attack power, assassins that target the opponent’s rear, and supporting units.

Pocket Battles Tactics

When it comes to creating the most effective team and arrangement, it may seem daunting at first. However, it’s actually quite straightforward. In order to optimize your squad, prioritize placing warriors with high health points and defense in the front line.

Ranged units should be positioned in the back row, while supporting units should be placed in between. Additionally, heroes with powerful passive or active abilities should be allocated to a separate tile, as this can significantly impact the outcome of battles. Therefore, it is crucial to carefully choose the most suitable hero based on the specific situation.

When you start playing P2E, you are given a 3×3 game board. As you progress through the stages, the board will expand, making formation crucial. While the standard strategy is to position warriors in the front and ranged units in the back, you can incorporate additional strategic elements. It’s important to note that even units of the same warrior type have slightly different specifications. Some units function as tanks with high HP and defense, while others specialize in melee damage.

When playing a game, it is important to take into account the specific specifications of each unit and strategically arrange them in the most optimal formation, rather than simply grouping them based on their type. For instance, you may want to place tank units on the left and middle positions, while placing high-damage units on the right. During gameplay, there may be instances where you narrowly lose a stage. In such cases, making slight adjustments to your formation can potentially lead to a victory.

In the game, players have the opportunity to recruit units and heroes.

Spending and Earning in-game

However, the process of acquiring them differs slightly. While heroes can be obtained through events or by spending money, units can be obtained using in-game gold.

Note that earning enough in-game gold to acquire units is not a simple task. Initially, the cost of units is around 1,000 gold, but as players progress through the stages of the game, the price increases significantly.

However, the price of the units does not continue to increase indefinitely. There comes a point where the price becomes fixed, and instead, players have the option to choose the level of unit they want to acquire. Level 1 units are priced at 15,000, while Level 2 units are priced at 30,000, and so on, with the price doubling for each level. It may appear that obtaining a Level 4 unit is always the best choice, but this decision depends on the levels of the units a player already possesses. Players can merge two units of the same level to level them up, so it is important to consider the existing levels of the units in one’s possession.

Crypto, blockchain and barriers to entry

While Pocket Battles has made it easier for players to understand and play strategy games, there is still a small barrier to entry as a Play to Earn (P2E) game. In order to obtain Pocket Stones (PKS), players can complete daily quests and participate in the Masters League Arena. However, it is quite challenging to earn PKS without spending any money. The only viable option for users who do not wish to spend money is to rely on daily quests, but the amount of PKS obtained through this method is very limited.

In order to increase your PKS (Player Kill Score), you are required to engage in the Masters League ARENA and Pocket Championship within the game. However, to participate in the Pocket Championship, you must possess two NFT heroes, which may be another barrier to entry.

Earning $PKS (and spending it!)

The Play to Earn (P2E) aspect allows you to earn $PKS token which can be used in various ways within the game. You have the option to use your earned PKS to acquire units or enhance your NFT heroes.

Alternatively, you can exchange your PKS for USDC, a stablecoin tied to the value of the US dollar, and cash out your earnings. However, it’s important to note that you can’t directly swap PKS for USDC. Instead, you must first exchange your PKS for Pocket Tokens (PKT), and then you can exchange the PKT for USDC.

To earn PKS effectively, it is necessary to acquire NFT heroes. There are two options for obtaining these heroes: either by minting them at the start of a new season or purchasing them from other users on the MEVerse NFT Marketplace.

In order to withdraw PKS, a minimum of 30 PKS is required. By completing all the daily quests, you have the opportunity to collect 5 PKS each day. Therefore, it would take approximately six days of completing the quests to reach the withdrawal threshold. You can then sell your $PKS.

Overall, ‘Pocket Battles’ has established a robust tokenomics system, which is essential for a successful and sustainable P2E game.

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