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Thetan Arena: A Blockchain MOBA Game with Play-to-Earn Mechanics and NFT Heroes

Blockchain gaming has faced a challenging journey, gradually expanding beyond its niche and gaining recognition in the industry. Previously, game projects that would have remained obscure and undiscovered are now creating a buzz on platforms that were once unimaginable due to strict regulations and rules.

Thetan Arena is an exciting game that falls into the category

Wolffun Game, a blockchain gaming studio located in Vietnam, is continuously working on the development of this mobile MOBA game. It offers both free-to-play and play-to-earn features, and there is also a PC version available for those who prefer playing on a larger screen. However, the PC version may not be as captivating. What makes this game even more thrilling is that it can be accessed on Android and iOS, platforms that are known for their substantial revenue shares from popular games.

MOBAs and background

The popularity of MOBA games is evident due to several factors. The gameplay is user-friendly, designed for competitive play, and offers an enjoyable esports experience. As long as the game includes a diverse selection of appealing heroes, impressive abilities, and seamless performance, it will likely attract a substantial level of engagement.

If you have some knowledge about the popular video game industry, you are likely aware of the success of MOBAs. Riot Games has been generating significant revenue from League of Legends for many years. It has become so popular that any media related to this game has achieved remarkable success.

Thetan Arena MOBA game

Thetan Arena stands out as a successful MOBA game with a unique twist involving blockchain technology. Unlike traditional MOBAs with a fixed selection of heroes, Thetan Arena introduces NFTs (non-fungible tokens) as heroes.

When players try the game, they receive three NFT heroes for free. However, they can also buy and collect additional Thetans to expand their hero collection. Each Thetan possesses a specific class and rarity, which determines their individual value within the game.

Thetans are available for purchase or acquisition through gameplay. The game offers a variety of classes and tactics, ensuring that there is a Thetan character suitable for every player’s preferred style of play. It is worth noting that the combat in Thetan Arena is well-balanced, meaning that regardless of the character you choose to use, they will have a fair opportunity to succeed.

Understanding the capabilities in Thetan Arena is a crucial aspect of the game. These abilities have cooldowns but pack a powerful punch, making them capable of quickly changing the outcome of a battle. If you find yourself losing a one-on-one encounter, it is often due to a lack of strategic ability usage.

Emphasizing tactical gameplay is not only essential but also highly enjoyable, especially when you involve your friends. Coordinating with your friends to dominate a match can be a rewarding experience, and incorporating a Discord call can further enhance your chances of winning.

In this game, players have the option to equip their characters with various abilities, such as a bubble shield and rocket barrage, as well as helpful skills like a healing area of effect.

Power Points

To unlock more powerful abilities, players need to spend Power Points. However, the default abilities are suitable for those who are new to the game. It’s worth mentioning that despite the game’s simple presentation, the effects used for these abilities are quite impressive.

Thetan Arena offers various game modes such as Battle Royale, Tower Siege, Super Star, Custom Battle, and Deathmatch. Each mode adds a unique twist to the gameplay and provides enjoyable experiences that players would want to revisit. Similar to other live service games, Thetan Arena receives regular updates and balance adjustments, ensuring that players won’t get bored with the game.

Free to Play and Play to Earn

Alongside being an enjoyable game, Thetan Arena, also incorporates elements related to blockchain technology. Specifically, it incorporates certain mechanics that allow players to engage in free-to-play and play-to-earn (P2E) activities.

Thetan Arena is a game that utilizes the Binance Smart Chain as its underlying technology. It incorporates two tokens to maintain balance within the system. Thetan Coin ($THC) serves as the primary currency in the game and can be earned by participating in matches or engaging with various aspects of the game. By taking part in challenges available in the Thetan Arena Marketplace, players can accumulate $THC.

The Play to Earn (P2E) game utilizes THC primarily in conjunction with its Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

Players can exchange THC for Thetan Boxes, which offer a range of rewards including cosmetics and new heroes. For those who are not fond of loot boxes, THC can also be used to purchase or rent items from the in-game marketplace.

Thetan Gem ($THG) functions as the governance token for Thetan Arena. By owning $THG, you have the opportunity to influence the future developments of the game. Additionally, $THG can be utilized for various purposes such as evolving and upgrading Thetans, covering marketplace transaction fees, and acquiring Thetan Legendary Boxes. If you decide to hold onto your $THG, you can stake it and earn rewards. Furthermore, $THG can be used to obtain a ticket for the Thetan DAO.

Gamers have the opportunity to earn THG tokens by participating in various events and activities within the game’s marketplace. This particular two-coin system has proven successful in other gaming platforms, as it effectively motivates players to seize all the available opportunities.

Did you know? Thetan Arena  was recognized as one of the top 10 blockchain games of 2021.

The Thetan gaming platform has more exciting experiences in store for players, one of which is Thetan Rivals, a game similar to Fall Guys. What sets it apart is that it utilizes the NFTs you have obtained while playing Thetan Arena within the other ecosystems. This type of game has gained immense popularity recently, making the Thetan ecosystem highly profitable and promising for players.

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