Top 7 StumbleUpon Alternatives To Discover New Content

Top 7 StumbleUpon Alternatives To Discover New Content

StumbleUpon is a social bookmarking site or content curation website that allows its users to discover new content or sites based on their interest and the things they like most on StumbleUpon.

StumbleUpon will randomly serve you a web page based on your interest. When you click on the like or dislike button for the web page you have been served, StumbleUpon algorithm will do a recalculation to serve you a better content which StumbleUpon believe you will like the next time you click on Stumble button.

Many people are using StumbleUpon to discover new content for things they have interest in. Also, bloggers like me are submitting their content to StumbleUpon to connect with potential readers.

Sadly, StumbleUpon journey is coming to an end as it will shut down its service on 30 June 2018 as announced by StumbleUpon co-founder Garrett Camp on his Medium post.

Garrett Camp recommend Mix as the Official StumbleUpon Alternative. The same has been publicly mentioned on their main page.

It might be very hard to find a website with a content discovery engine like StumbleUpon. I have been looking for days for good SU alternatives and I have found few websites.

If you are a blogger searching for alternative content discovery engines to submit your content to, or if you are a content discoverer looking for new places to discover new content and spend some time, read through to discover top StumbleUpon alternatives that will help you keep your discovery journey.

Notice that some of these alternatives can be used by bloggers to submit their content & Content discoverers, while others don’t allow its users to submit their links, they only offer them a way to discover content.

Top 7 StumbleUpon Alternatives Video



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Top 7 StumbleUpon Alternatives Infographic


Top 7 StumbleUpon Alternatives Infographic


1. Mix    

Alexa Global Rank 149,210   Page Rank 4

For Bloggers and Content discoverers

Mix website

Mix is the official StumbleUpon alternative as announced by Garrett, Co-Founder of SU.

As per the announcement, Garret said that StumbleUpon will merge with Mix. StumbleUpon profiles will be migrated to Mix over the next couple of months.

Since the announcement, Mix has gained a lot of traffic and new users.

If you are on StumbleUpon, I don’t think you should wait till your profile is being migrated, it is better to join the platform and be one of the early adopters.

Mix can be used by bloggers to submit their content and by content discoverers.

Mix has also Andriod and iOS app which makes it easy for you to discover content from your mobile, and have both Chrome extension & Firefox add-on to make it easy for you to add your content.

How To Join Mix:

  • Go to Mix website.
  • Click on Join Mix.

Join Mix

  • Registration is allowed through one of 4 social media accounts StumbleUpon, Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

Please note that even if you register with your current StumbleUpon profile, your StumbleUpon profile, links and tags will not automatically migrate to Mix and as per the announcement might take few months.

Mix registration options

  • Select StumbleUpon and enter your StumbleUpon username or email and your StumbleUpon password.

Mix Stumbleupon registration

  • Choose your interest. At least 3. And you are done.

Mix will now start showing you content based on your selected interest. Mix will also start learning what are the things you like to present you with the content that you will love.

Unlike StumbleUpon, Mix will not load a full web page. It will load title, summary Excerpt, and featured image of the web page.

Mix for you

Edit Your Profile:

Click on profile > Settings > fill in your details.

Go to social media account tab > add your other social media account.

You will see an option to Allow auto-follow of your Facebook and Twitter friends who join Mix. You can enable or disable for Twitter and Facebook separately.

Add Your Pages:

  • To add your pages click on the plus sign on the top right-hand side.
  • Enter your Post link and click on Post

Mix Add your page

  • Mix will show you the recommended collection based on your post. If you don’t have any collection yet you can right the collection name and click on create.
  • Once you are ready click on done and the link will be added to your selected collections. Notice that you can add a comment about the page.

A collection is a way to organize your posts on the same topic, it is like boards on Pinterest. You can select to make your collection private.

2. Refind   

Alexa Global Rank 152,828 Page Rank 4

For Bloggers and Content discoverers

Refind website

Another interesting website to join is Refind. It is currently in invitation mode only.

You can join the waitlist or you can ask your Twitter or Facebook friends who are on Refind to send you an invitation which is faster than waiting for Refind invitation.

I have received my invitation link in 3-4 days. If you would like to join Refind you can use my invitation link and Sign up now without waiting for 3-4 days.

Another reason to join Refind today is that Refind offering early adopters away to Make Money just by joining the platform and inviting your friends. According to Refind there are giving away 1 B cryptocurrency coins to people who join Refind.

When you invite your friends you will get 20 coins and they will get 20 coins, once all the 1 B coins being assigned to people, they will transfer the coins to your wallet. As per Refind, it is better to give away the money to early adopters than spending it on online Ads.

So what you are waiting for, Sign up now to get your 20 coins and start inviting your friend to Refind. When you get an invitation from the site directly you will get only 1 coin. Refind is not disclosing which cryptocurrency they will be paying you.

Once you signup with Twitter or Facebook, you will find all your Twitter & Facebook friends who are already on Refind and you can follow them.

This will be a great advantage to start promoting your content with the help of your friends and not having to start building your community from scratch.

Refind allows you to submit new content and save existing content.

Refind engine will allow you to discover new content based on people, hashtags, and publishers you follow on Refind. Refind will show you the estimated time that it will take you to read the post.

After you receive your invitation link and sign up, you will be asked to select your favorite publishers, select your interest and follow people in order for Refind to suggest content to you.

Refind has a browser button to let you save content faster. Also, it has both Andriod and iOS App.

Refind provides you with two interesting features, Groups and Reading list.

Reading List

This is just a collection of articles that you have a personal interest in reading. This list is private so it’s not visible to others, you can save articles from other users on Refind to your reading list to read it when you have time.


Refind Groups

Groups are like Pinterest boards where you can save links and then share it with the group members. Groups are currently set to Secret which means only people with invitation links can see your group and links.

You can use Groups to save links to useful articles or resources and share the link with your blog readers.

Publishers on Refind

Publishers can contact Refind and ask them to be added to Refind publisher list. This is the list of publishers users are being asked to select from when they first register at Refind, So yeah it is a great deal to become a publisher on Refind and to be recommended to new users.

However, I am sure there is a minimum requirement to become a publisher on Refind, just check the name of publisher currently on Refind and you will know what it takes to get accepted as publisher o Refind.

3. Discuvver   

Alexa Global Rank 547,354 Page Rank 2

For Content discoverers

Discuvver website

Discuvver is very easy to use website and very random! It doesn’t allow user registration or user submission. You can discover content by two ways.

  • Click on Take me to a useful website

Once you click the button you will be redirected off the website to a totally random website.

  • Enter your email address

Subscribe with your email address and you will receive suggested websites delivered to your mailbox which again is totally random.

4. SpinSnap 

Alexa Global Rank 2,192,362 Page Rank 3

For Bloggers & Content discoverers

SpinSnap website

SpinSnap provides the nearest experience to StumbleUpon. Content on SpinSnap is categorized into 3 main categories websites, videos, and music.

For Content Discovery

You can click on SpinSnap button to get a new recommended site. Click on go to site to see the actual page.

Once you are done go back to SpinSnap, Like or dislike the page. Click SpinSpan button again to get a new recommendation.

For bloggers

After you register, Click on Submit Item and fill in the required details as shown in below image.

SpinSnap Submit item


5. GGather

Alexa Global Rank 2,207,823 Page Rank 2

For Blogger and Content discoverers

GGather website

GGather website allows you to save your links in a traditional social bookmarking way. Below are the top features of GGather

  • Save your links and add tags to your links.
  • You can create your own tags or subscribe to public tags.
  • The site offers multiple saving options: Add before your URL to be redirected and complete saving your link & Save using the Chrome extension.
  • Resave other people links from Ggather website.
  • You can add your social media accounts.
  • By default your tags set to private, you need site approval to make it public.
  • You can assign contributors to your tags.

The best way to handle tags in GGather is to look publicly for available tags related to your content and subscribe to these tags.

If there is no tag relevant to your content > Create a new tag (which will be private) and add interesting content to it (The majority of content shouldn’t be your own content) > Contact GGather and ask them to make it publicly available.

Content Discovery:

GoGather allows you to discover content by its popularity or Social from the people or tags you follow.

On clicking the Discover button you will see content categorized by Top public tag, Top popular users, New public tag and new users with public tags.

Remember if you have added your links using your own private tags your content will not be visible until your tags are set public.

6. Stumbl.TV    

Alexa Global Rank 3,740,139  Page Rank 1

For Content discoverers

Stumbl TV website

Stumbl TV allows you to discover YouTube videos. You can apply many filters to search videos and narrow down the results.

You can apply Keywords, number of views, video length, and Category.

If you have free time that you want to spend discovering Videos, Click Next Video button and enjoy your time.

7. URL Roulette    

Alexa Global Rank 6,958,729 Page Rank 2

For Content discoverers

URL Roulette

Very basic content discovery website. The idea is very simple, submit your URL and you will be redirected to the previous visitor URL.

In the same way, the next visitor will be served with your submitted URL.


Final Takeaway

Although Mix doesn’t currently offer the same experience SU provide, being the official SU alternative it has a great potential to grow. Mix plans to provide an experience that exceeds what SU used to offer.

Back to you. Do you still use content discovery sites like SU? Do you know any content discovery site that can be used to submit content and/or discover new content, Are there any sites like StumbleUpon? Let me know in your comments?

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